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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time Past

It has certainly been a long time since I posted something last. Things have been hectic, but I think things are finally beginning to settle. It is extremely funny that I say that, because week 5 of the semester is more than half way through- so things will be unsettled again soon.

I have some advice to share:
I know we are all getting geared to spend the rest of our lives changing the world in the marketplace, but always remember to give God first place in your life or that career won't be satisfying. I know this sounds like common sense, but I've honestly gotten into a predicament with the demands of my career. I decided to bypass college and jump right into a career, and have really built my way up a rigorous corporate ladder to get where I've always thought I wanted to be. I guess you can say I made it, though I decided to come back to college to reinforce my experience. I also work with the Youth in my church. I LOVE the kids I work with, I consider them family and their world means a lot to me. Well, my corporate position starting demanding more and more and more of my time. I started to feel like it took the place of my relationship with Christ and became a the cause of a strained relationship with my teens. I am at an important crossroads in my career- because I'm about to take a big OVERQUALIFIED step back. But I need to do it, because I need peace. I need to have the assurance that I am doing all the things God requires of me - and the rest I'm trusting in Him to provide.
Don't get me wrong - God calls missionaries to the workplace, and that is truly a blessing. I also believe every person can reach their coworkers, but we need to be extremely cautious when we know God has called us to do something and the pursuit of money, fame, or comfort comes before that calling.

I covet your prayers.

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