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Monday, April 26, 2010

Making Decisions

I don't know about you, but it seems like I have to make tons of decisions everyday. Not just run of the mill decisions either, like what type of jelly to use on my toast, or whether to drink orange or apple juice. No, I am talking life-changing, world-shaking, mountain-moving decisions. Well, after being accosted by these many epic decisions,I have begun to think... how do other people make decisions? 

How did you decide to come to Regent? How did you decide what major you were going to take? How did you decide on your employer? And most importantly, how did you decide on your current hair color?

I'll tell you how I arrive at decisions, but I still really want your input.

My formula is as follows:

  1. Anxiety. I have been a Christian for just under 20 years, so I know that anxiety is a no no. But if I'm being open and honest... it's how all decisions begin with me. My stomach hurts, I constantly think about the terms to the point of losing sleep, and it overtakes some of my conversations.  
  2. Acceptance. After dealing with all of the anxiety, I come to a point where I know I just need to make the decision, and then the terrible part comes....
  3. Lists.  I write lists. I am a list writer. It is a chronic disorder, but it certainly helps me make better decisions. At least, that's what I tell myself. I make pros and cons lists. I make budget lists (if the decision involves a financial change). I make lists about who I want to ask for advice. I make decisions about EVERYTHING!
  4. Pray. This is a little out of order. I actually do this step simultaneously with number one. I have anxiety, and I give it to God. Then, I have more anxiety and give it to God again. It's a vicious cycle. :) I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God holds my life in His hands. I also know that I can trust His plan for my life. 
  5. Ask for Advice. I seek out the people whose advice I value the most. This includes old bosses, my parents, pastors and friends. I try not to stick with just one persons advice, even if it's what I want to hear. The purpose of getting advice is for a balanced non-biased view - not for the conformation for how you feel.
  6. Listen to myself. I listen to my "heart." If it's a bad idea - even if I go through all of the steps I know what I'm going to end up doing. 

So, this is my process! Now tell me, what do you do to make decisions?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Almost Over

Oh my. This was my first summer semester ever, and boy was it hard to stay focused. I tend to throw myself into work and vacation during the summer, and had to be a little more careful when I made plans. Unfortunately, I missed a few deadlines, but I am almost there! This June 18-21st, I worked at the ALIVE festival in Ohio. It is a Christian Music Festival about an hour outside of Cleveland, OH. There were artist there like David Crowder Band, Christ Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Parachute Band, and many others. I was there as the Volunteer coordinator for the Food for the Hungry Tent. I have worked with Food for the Hungry for many years, at this same festival and went on a short term missions trip with them. They are a phenomenal organization that is dedicated to helping the poor one person at a time. Their artist's program have several well-known artists under their umbrella. Artists like Willet, 33 miles, and Leeland (other names include Sara Groves and Phillips, Craig and Dean) were also at the festival. I had the opportunity to hang out and talk to a lot of the bands, but so enjoyed Willet. They have such a WONDERFUL heart for God and the kids of Kenya.

Me w/ Tomas' Sponsor Packet

During the festival we were working to get kids sponsored. We were focusing on the Sololo, Kenya area. Unfortunately, we ran out of packets (with not many returns) so had to get more. While we were setting out the packets, i found a child I have now started to sponsor. His name is Tomas from Mozambique. He is an addition to my original sponsor child, Bawani from Bangladesh, India.
Though it was hard to keep up with school work during these 13hour days, it is such a worthy cause. I am always so happy to work with such a wonderful organization and look forward to next year- and hopefully graduated- if not super close to that happy occasion.
If you want to know anymore about Food for the Hungry- check out...
Thanks and God Bless!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Long ago, and so far away...

Hello All!

It has been a really long time since I blogged out here. I think that is because the demands of life have gotten a little hectic since my blog.
I have been in college on and off since 2000. This is my first semester ever taken in the summer. I think it's going well so far. I am actually enjoying it a little. I know it's my summer- but it's not like I get it off for work, so it's not such a big deal. It just feels like any other time with a whole lot less snow.:)

John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Also read 1 John 2:7-14.

I just wanted to take this time to encourage you to make it a point to show others love this summer. I always find that I have two choices in summer- one is to be selfish and work on making myself happy. The second option is to give my time and energy to those who really need it. My church does adopt-a-block where we outreach to nearby neighborhoods and clean their yard, and serve picnic food. This is not a ploy to get them in the church on Sunday... but just to serve others and love them as Christ would. I find when I join in with this that I feel complete. Because as Christians-loving others is commanded of us. People will know we are followers of Christ - when they see that we genuinely love others.

There are opportunities all around. Someone needs groceries and doesn't have the transportation to help. There are people in Nursing Homes that never get to see their loved ones. There are people in the church who just needs someone to show them we and Christ cares.

What can you do this summer?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time Past

It has certainly been a long time since I posted something last. Things have been hectic, but I think things are finally beginning to settle. It is extremely funny that I say that, because week 5 of the semester is more than half way through- so things will be unsettled again soon.

I have some advice to share:
I know we are all getting geared to spend the rest of our lives changing the world in the marketplace, but always remember to give God first place in your life or that career won't be satisfying. I know this sounds like common sense, but I've honestly gotten into a predicament with the demands of my career. I decided to bypass college and jump right into a career, and have really built my way up a rigorous corporate ladder to get where I've always thought I wanted to be. I guess you can say I made it, though I decided to come back to college to reinforce my experience. I also work with the Youth in my church. I LOVE the kids I work with, I consider them family and their world means a lot to me. Well, my corporate position starting demanding more and more and more of my time. I started to feel like it took the place of my relationship with Christ and became a the cause of a strained relationship with my teens. I am at an important crossroads in my career- because I'm about to take a big OVERQUALIFIED step back. But I need to do it, because I need peace. I need to have the assurance that I am doing all the things God requires of me - and the rest I'm trusting in Him to provide.
Don't get me wrong - God calls missionaries to the workplace, and that is truly a blessing. I also believe every person can reach their coworkers, but we need to be extremely cautious when we know God has called us to do something and the pursuit of money, fame, or comfort comes before that calling.

I covet your prayers.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Organizational Tips

So, I've discovered some organizational tips for my first semester of online university here at Regent. I didn't want to be the only one who benefited from my little tips... so here they are:

1. Keep a calendar.

You will need to keep ONE calendar with all of your personal, work and school appointments. The purpose of the calendar will be to remind you of upcoming assignments. Chances are, if you have several different calendars you will not look at the one that is telling you that you have an upcoming assignment.

2. Use highlighters on the calendar.

On the ONE universal calendar seperate the categories by using a highlighter. For example, I use a blue highlighter for everything related to Regent. Everything related to my job is highlighted in orange. Everything related to my personal life is highlighted in pink.

3. Have a place for monthly and weekly(or daily) views of your calendar.

Write brief descriptions on the monthly view of your calendar and go into detail on your weekly or daily views of you calendar.

4. Prioritize your assignments.

Often we receive a list of assignments such as:

  • Read text chapter 1

  • write paper 1

  • text discussions

  • complete a brief bio

  • read announcements

All of these assigments needed to be completed, but by when. You need to prioritize. You can do that several ways depending on the assignments. YOu can prioritize by due date, length of time to complete, or importance. Note: If you are a procrastinator try to avoid doing the little easy tasks first. Many times you will find you spent your time on tiny tasks, and writing a long paper in a couple of hours before it's due. I'd recommend the book "Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time" by Brian S. Tracy. It's a quick read and will give you lots of food for thought!

5. Use what's best for you.

If you need to keep track of things via paper, please do so. If you function better using tools like Microsoft Outlook (Calendar function) or a Organizational program... use those! These can be great resources. I currently use Blackboard Backpack 3.0. I can download assignments from blackboard onto my desktop, in case I am not near an internet connection and I can also use the calendar function.

So far, that's all I have for the organizational tips right now.

I know, why don't you tell me some of the tips you have come up with for back to school....


Tarisha A. Mickel
Professional Communication Student
Regent University; Online

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hi! There have been so many changes since the last time I have blogged. I am just going to list these things and in no specific order.

1. School started and I am working on my coursework for both classes.

2. Work is really busy- we are only days away from a huge event, and I am anticipating some stress. I hope that I am wrong

3. I am not able to take over the Youth department (because I have so many things going on and I felt convicted that I am so busy just working in the church that I keep missing His calling for me).

4. Instead of pastoring the youth - I will be the Youth coordinator. Planning events... taking money... communicating to them. It seems like a big job- but things I don't necessarily have to work at doing!

5. I am looking to buy my first home (a condo), but am waiting due to the current changes in home lending...

6. I am a myspacer... avid. It's pretty sad. I didn't like it for a long time. But there are a lot of privacy restrictions to avoid bad things.

7. I found out a friend from Ohio is now going to Regent. HEY KRISTEN!

Well, it's dinner time. It's time to go.
Til next time...

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hi Everyone.

I'm not one to admit defeat, fear or anything of the like. Normally, I am the one that sticks my ground... in my head I'm weeping aloud for rescue and in my words and actions I proclaim that I am strong and can handle anything. Well, I am beyond convincing myself and anyone else in this case.

I mentioned in a previous post (I think) that I have been asked to work with the Youth at my church, due to the Youth Pastor leaving and accepting his call to become the pastor of his own church. I have officially been drafted, and all that I can think of - is that I am uncomfortable. I am afraid. In the back of my mind every name in our Youth group flashes... and the question is asked after each name... Malcolm, can you lead him? Caylin, Can you lead her? Honestly in my heart, the answer is NO! No, I'm not qualified, I'm not able. I am not dynamic, I'm not up on "Post-modernism." Sometimes I am a bad Christian. There are times when I feel weak, and tired... and don't know how much fight I have for my faith. I am so afraid that I will feel one of these times of weakness, at the very moment that one of those precious souls needs me the most. Though I know in His word it says (paraphrased)... "in your weakness, I am made strong."

Despite my tendency not to admit fear, I did. I went for prayer this morning after service. Pastor talked about our Faith being shaken. He asked, do you believe in God, do you believe that He was mighty enough to save you, do you believe that He will meet you in eternity... and finally, do you believe that He will take care of every aspect of your life from the day He set you free to the moment He meets you in heaven?

Gee, my answer... yes, except the last. My answer has always been that if I, in my own knowledge, can control my world and it's affect on me... I'm ok, and my faith in God is not shaken. The moment I can't control the situation, by money, brains, emotions... if it's so outside of my bubble... I start to doubt the very sovereign power of God.

I was prayed for and while she was praying she told me that she saw me running, and behind me were many youth running directly behind me. And I realized something so important... it's not what I say, it's WHO I am in Christ that really matters. As long as I continue to chase Christ- aside from my ever present inherent sin nature, as long as I surrender my all to God - allow Him to reign as Lord in my life... these kids will be fine. I just need to be who God says I am.

I have no pressing questions... no wonderful quips to engage you. I just needed to share my heart.
Here is a photo of a few Metro's youth- please pray for them and me as I live Christ in front of them.
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